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Welcome to amtamfans, the first livejournal community for fans of Amber Tamblyn. Amber is probably best known for playing Joan on the TV series "Joan of Arcadia" but she has several other credits to her name and is currently working on a number of film projects.

This community was created by thesirenslure, any questions regarding the community can be directed to me via my site e-mail address, or commenting in the community.

Be sure to check out
Amber Tamblyn Fan for all things Amber.


01.This is a FAN community. If you like Amber, post away. If you don't, fine - just go elsewhere. Bashing will not be tolerated.

02. Want to post pictures? Feel more than welcome, but please be considerate of people with dial up and use an LJ-CUT when posting several pictures at once.

03. Amber related icons, wallpapers or any other graphics are definetly welcome here, but the same rules apply, use an LJ-CUT.

04. Promoting other communities will be allowed as long as it's somehow related to Amber. Random off-topic stuff, I consider spam.


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